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Family Immigration


We have extensive experience in advising on all aspects of family migration and an extremely high success rate in family based immigration applications. There are many family relationships and circumstances that qualify for permission to enter or remain in the UK and you should contact us for advice specific to your circumstances.The main categories of family immigration include:


  • Fiancé(e) of a British or Settled Person

  • Spouse of a British or Settled Person

  • Unmarried & Same-Sex Partner of a British or Settled Person

  • Adult Dependent Relative of a British or Settled Person

  • Persons exercising a Right of Access to a UK based child

  • Fiancé(e) of an EEA National (a citizen of any EU country plus Norway, Switzerland and Lichtenstein)

  • Spouse of an EEA National

  • Unmarried Partner of an EEA National

  • Dependent Family Members of an EEA National

  • Retained Right of Residence for non-Europeans following ending of relationship with an EEA National by divorce, death or difficult circumstances

  • Overseas Domestic Workers (Private & Diplomatic)

  • Victims of Domestic Violence

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