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Becoming British can happen in a number of ways. You may actually already be British and simply need to have that entitlement recognised. You may have lived in the UK for many years as a child and that may lead to an entitlement. For most migrants, Naturalisation as a British Citizen happens after an acquisition of freedom from any time limits on a right to reside (most usually satisfied by the grant of ILR or Permanent Residence), which in turn requires a specified period of residence in the category in which you have been granted permission to enter or stay in the UK.We offer the following services with regards to nationality:


  • Naturalisation after 5 years residence under Section 6(1)

  • Naturalisation as a spouse of a British citizen under Section 6 (2)

  • Registration of children under Sections 1 or 3

  • Registration on the basis of a subsidiary nationality status or as a child of a British mother under Section 4

  • Certificates of Entitlement to the Right of Abode (CERA)

  • Ancestry and status tracing

  • Confirmation of nationality status (Form NS)

  • Renunciation

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